Experts in bespoke website design and build.

We are a small web design and development company established 15 years ago and based in Shibden, Halifax. We work mostly with small to medium sized businesses who are seeking an online presence for the first time. That said, we have the proven capability to aid the more established medium sized enterprise.

Sean Smith

Sean Smith

I am a professional web developer working in the tertiary education sector by day. I have skills in a wide variety of technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, ASP.NET, SQL, CMS platforms etc etc. But mostly I use my common sense to work out what it is you need and deliver on that - you can leave the technical stuff to me.

I also ride a bike. A lot.

Why Shibden?

Anyone with a modicum of IT know-how can build a web site. I believe what distinguishes a professional website is that it is clean, sharp and, perhaps above all, easy to navigate. It is the ease with which a user can quickly and intuitively understand how a site 'ticks' that holds the all important attention of that individual, there are many alternative sites to seek out if he/she doesn't like yours! It is my intention to ensure your site meets your user's needs.